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We all know that an iPhone can do really cool things and tricks, but it turns out that there are some incredible things Android phones can do as well. Many of these Android inventions are so amazing that even if you're not, your tech mates would think you're an IT genius. And all these tricks from Android are super easy as well.

Android is a versatile operating system that can be used much more than just the daily use of social media, Messaging, and calling.

Android is infinitely customizable, unlike iOS, and is a very versatile and powerful operating system that can be used for so much more.
Smartphones are packed to the gills with various sensors like an accelerometer, a compass, a proximity light sensor and even a barometer!

They work seamlessly across various functions of your smartphone BUT you can also access them independently by downloading applications such as Smart Compass.
Here are some great things you can do with your Android Phone that you might or might not know about:

Fights Cancer

It's crazy, but your smartphone can aid you fight cancer and other diseases that are hard to cure. Using a free Samsung Power Sleep app, you can harness the mobile device's computing power for the cause. At night, when attached to a battery, the program analyzes data and then uploads the findings to help researchers in their anti-cancer studies. The' Power To Give' software from HTC operates in a similar way, offering the analyzes required for various medical, environmental and science initiatives.

 Voice search with the screen off

Many Android smartphones allow you to scan your voice by saying "Ok Google" on the operating system from anywhere. Several phones like the Moto X also have a dedicated listening center that even when the screen is off you can use the "Ok Google" order!

Apple has recently implemented the same with "hello Siri," but that only functions when the phone loads or connects to "Ok Google" always detect Google settings > Search and Now > Voice > Ok Google Detection > Always turn on and off

Sound hound

This fantastic app would certainly come in handy for those who simply can't live without good music a day. Especially if you want your tracks to be continually refreshed. Not only does SoundHoud help track the songs you love, but it can't identify them, but it helps you to do it in a number of fun ways.Simply hold your phone up to a speaker to find the song and the information about it OR poorly sing a song, and make sure the app recognizes the song! That's crazy, isn't it? Once a song is identified, you can listen to the track online, download it, share it on social networks with your friend, check out the lyrics and album art, and much more, making it a great thing for people who loves musics

  Remote lock or wipe your lost phone

If you're like me and continue to lose your smartphones, you've been secured by Android. Google has a great Android Device Manager feature that allows you to monitor and reset your phone if you lose it. Simply go to Settings > Protection > System Administrators, only make Android Device Manager and access your computer's website if you ever lose your phone.

Scan barcodes/ Documents

Your Android smartphone is fitted with a camera at the back that you use to take pictures of your food. It can also be used for much higher and more productive purposes. Using software such as' Barcode Scanner' for the former and' CamScanner' for the latter, you can conveniently use the rear camera as a barcode scanner and document scanner.

Access Chrome tabs from other devices

So you're jealous of your Apple sheep buddy who brags about how all the Apple products work with each other seamlessly. How all his internet tabs synchronize with his iPad, Mac and iPhone. You can do exactly the same thing with Chrome for Ios. Just sign in to Chrome with your Gmail ID across all your devices and apps, history, and bookmarks will be synchronized across them all.

The icing on the cake is the fact that Chrome is available through multiple platforms, while your Apple friend is limited to his Apple devices.  As soon as you open a new Chrome tab, you'll see the choice Recent tabs at the bottom right, where you can see the tabs open across all of your computers.

Fitness tracker

You don't have a fitness tracker but still want to flaunt all the steps you've taken today? Do you own an Android smartphone, don't you worry? It could do the same thing very well!

The Android device is full of sensors like an accelerometer, a compass, a gyroscope, and even a (in some) barometer! This means that through special applications, you should monitor the daily activities like walking, running and even sleeping. Morover, Google has its own fitness app called Google Fit, which is the best way to try this feature. You can play with others later.

BONUS: Make your device faster

If you are tired of the obvious fancy animations in different devices that slow down the functionalities, then you are not alone as This makes everyday tasks using your phone  a big pain.

There’s a solution for that, just:
1.     Go to the device's Settings
2.      Device Info
3.     Click Build No 7 Times
4.  Simply  Pat yourself on the back,  you’re already  now a developer!
5.     There is now  a new option known as  Developer Settings in the Setting Menu
6. Also    Search for the “Drawing category” and then set the following options  to 0.5x – ‘Window Animations Scale’, ‘Transition Animations Scale’ and  ‘Animator Duration Scale’

Do know that your  device is now faster.

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