Causes of car brake down and what to do.

Causes of car brake down and what to do.

Breaking down is a motive force’s worst nightmare, especially if it occurs on an extendedjourney.

The initial panic of how an awful lot is this going to cost sets in, however the purpose of the breakdown can be lots less complicated than you think.

A lot of breakdowns are relatively easy to restore and in case you hold a close eye on the following tips, you may avoid the embarrassment of your vehicle  breaking down while having your family or kids within the lower back seat.

Nobody expects it to happen, most people experience a different problems with their car while driving. If your vehicle does brake down in an unexpected location, you should take a look at five things you should do before calling for a tow or external help.

1. Get Your Vehicle Safely Off the Road

If your vehicle has sufficient momentum, push and  maneuver it safely off the road . The far rightshoulder is normally the most secure location. Try to pack your vehicle very well and be sure that you are not at a sharp bend.

2. Secure Your Car

Put the emergency brake on and flip the guidance wheel closer to the shoulder of the street to save the c from accidentally moving.

3. Figure Out Where You Are

As soon as you become  aware that your vehicle is having hassle, be aware of your location. Look for street signs, mile markers, or exit numbers to assist you become aware of your location. If you want to call a Local Towing Company, these form of details will permit them to find you faster, especailly on darkish nights.

4. Alert Other Drivers

It’s vital that other drivers see your  brakedown car so activate your danger lighting fixtures. If you are actually outside your car, you might still need to turn on interior lighting to make the auto more noticeable by other drivers. Hang a white fabric out of the driver’s window. If you have got them, placed up flares about 50 toes from the rear of your vehicle.

5. Stay Inside Your Car

It’s more safer to remain in your automobile whilst you watch for a tow truck. Keep any passengers and pets in the car too.

Flat or defective battery

If you were given a problem by your battery frequently before the journey, there’s a tendency it’ll be down quickly again or a terrible electrical connection. Battery faults are the most common reason of breakdown – specifically in the winter so don't fo

When your automobile is serviced, the garageshould test that connections are stable and that the battery terminals are easy and guarded from corrosion.

If you don’t make lengthy trips very frequently, your battery won’t have had a great deal to. You can solve this out with the aid of charging it in a single day, every 2 weeks or so. That way, you’ll be capable of running longer.

Lost keys

These days, your car keys might all have or includes a microchip, designed to forestall your car being stolen, so it’s a good idea to hold a spare at home.

Starter motor

Although starter motors are normally tough and robust, they do fail eventually. But as long as you get your vehicle serviced regularly, any capacity faults should get picked up before they bring you possible problems

Spark plugs

 Spark plug can damage or wear out however shouldn't be a problem as long as your vehicle is serviced often. Make sure all connections to the plugs are tight.

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